Coste gestoria sociedad limitada

Coste gestoria sociedad limitada

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I am a web developer and I work at home. Up until now, my cousin was “loaning” me invoices. I have a new client who does not accept this arrangement.How much can it cost me to get the support of an accountant to help me.Do I really need it? My monthly income varies from 5,000 to 22,000 pesos.
Considering the above and your income level, the amount of fees for an accountant to help you not only with invoicing, but also with filing returns, averages 800 pesos per month plus VAT.

Online agency

One of the most demanded services by a freelancer, SME and large company is usually an agency that takes care of the administrative procedures and formalities for individuals, professionals and companies in a completely personalized way.
Nowadays most of the procedures can be carried out telematically, so many professionals opt for hiring a remote agency regardless of the place where it is located.
Depending on the type of activity to which the professional or company is dedicated, the prices could vary, since there are businesses that require the elaboration and/or presentation of specific documentation that could entail an extra work.
Both services may seem to be the same, but this is not the case. Broadly speaking, the consultancy provides an advisory service in labor, accounting, tax and financial matters, while an agency or professional manager would also be responsible for processing and carrying out administrative procedures.

How much does an accountant for self-employed cost?

One of the main questions that arises when a person starts to work on their own or sets up their own business is whether it is worth looking for an accountant to handle the accounts or whether it is preferable to manage this aspect yourself or another member of the team.
Many freelancers initially opt to do it on their own and do well for a while, but at a certain point, when turnover increases significantly or the paperwork and paperwork becomes more frequent, they decide to take the plunge.
“The main advantage of using an agency is that you sleep more peacefully. Sometimes, even unintentionally, we commit irregularities. In the worst of the cases these even suppose the loss of money, besides the possible sanction that you will have to assume for not fulfilling so complex rules that you do not know them&rdquor, explains for BYZness Javier Lorente, founder of the law firm
The main obstacle to hire a manager would be the cost involved. This is not always very high, but the self-employed who do not bill much and have to add that amount to the Social Security fees, office or local rent, gasoline, telephone, etc. may not be very much in favor of it.

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“For a startup like Chargy it is very important to have control of the business at all times. And thanks to KPMG Impulsa’s managers, personal space and App we have all the information we need to make the right decisions.”
“One of the main benefits of having the services of KPMG Impulsa for a company like Coolhunting Group, with international clients and professionals, is to be able to control and know the financial status and see how the business is evolving from any device. “

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