Conga 4090 precio media markt

Conga 4090 precio media markt

Robot aspirador

El Conga 4090 utiliza la tecnología denominada iTech Laser Eye para la navegación. Con un láser, escanea su entorno y crea un mapa de la zona de limpieza. El robot encuentra su camino de forma independiente y siempre selecciona la ruta de limpieza más eficiente.
Especialmente útil: Si la batería del robot aspirador está baja, vuelve a la base donde se carga. Una vez completada la carga, reanuda la limpieza en el lugar donde la interrumpió anteriormente. La recarga automática y la potente batería de 5.200 mAh garantizan una gran autonomía. Esto, a su vez, hace que el Conga 4090 sea muy recomendable para grandes apartamentos y casas.Aplicable en diferentes tipos de suelo
La mejor área de aplicación para Conga 4090 son los suelos duros (como el laminado, el parqué, las baldosas o similares) y también las alfombras. Sin embargo, no es adecuado para ser operado en suelos muy oscuros o negros porque el robot piensa que esos suelos son abismos.Limpiar bordes y esquinas
El robot aspirador está equipado con un cepillo lateral para que pueda asegurar una limpieza a fondo de los bordes y esquinas de su casa. Con el cepillo lateral, limpia las zonas de difícil acceso. Así asegura la limpieza de bordes y esquinas.Las escaleras no suponen ningún peligro

Best robot vacuum cleaners

In the 750 series we have the most economical robots. From 126 € VAT inc. We can have a robot that sweeps, vacuums, mops and scrubs. However, the best seller is the Conga 3090 Series robot that costs 299€. At these qualities, it is worth maintaining the robot by replacing its brushes and HEPA filter, mops and, if necessary, the Conga battery with a certain frequency.
But that did not stop its exponential growth. The company has found the formula for Low-Cost appliances with less than perfect finishes but with investment in the key parts to make them work satisfactorily.
Now they are facing a new crisis because being a relatively inexpensive robot vacuum cleaner brand, there are an infinite number of online sites that offer it without complying with all the guarantees. They have not taken the utmost care of their distribution channel or the fact of making it known to consumers, so much so that they have had to launch an official statement on their website to deny and denounce the websites that sell their brand fraudulently.

Cecotec conga 4490

There is no doubt that having a robot vacuum cleaner makes home maintenance a much lighter task. After all, all you have to do is press a button (more or less) and that’s it: it takes care of vacuuming your home with varying degrees of expertise. However, in the market we find from robot vacuum cleaners for little more than 100 euros to others that exceed four figures. In this article we will try to explain which features justify to some extent this price difference and which are the most interesting models in terms of value for money.
The essence of a vacuum cleaner, whatever type it is, is its ability to trap dirt by suction and leave it confined in its tank, so that it not only removes hair, dirt and dirt in general, but also captures and retains dust and other microparticles. Thus, not only do we achieve a “macroscopic” cleaning, but if the vacuum cleaner is powerful enough and has a high efficiency filter, we can also minimize the effect of allergens, something highly recommended for people with respiratory problems.

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