Gestoría declaración renta precio

Gestoría declaración renta precio

How to file your income tax return

Having a professional take care of our income tax return has two fundamental advantages. In the first place, it assures us of getting the most out of the income tax return. A fiscal manager knows all the boxes and all the nooks and crannies of the Personal Income Tax. There will be no possible deduction that escapes him, which can make the difference between a draft that comes out to pay or to return.
Secondly, if a professional prepares our income tax return we can be sure that it will not contain errors and therefore, that there is no possibility of penalties by the Treasury or that in the future we will have to make a supplementary return.
However, in the case of very simple returns, but with taxpayers who are not very familiar with tax terminology, or with the new technologies to face the Renta Web program, the ideal is to wait until the deadline to make an appointment and have the Tax Agency make the return in person, in one of its offices.

2020 income tax return

On the other hand, do you really know which boxes you have to check on your return? Perhaps it is possible that you are missing some of them. That is why we leave you below a tool that can be very useful when making your tax return.
Review and confirm the draft income tax return. It consists of a look at the document prepared by the Treasury with your tax data and work on it to detect the most common errors in the draft. The cost of this service is usually around 50 euros.
Making and filing the basic tax return. In this case we are talking about a declaration that includes the basics, understood as deductions for housing and other essential, which could include income from movable capital (deposits) but not investments in stock market or funds, for example. The cost of this service is around 100 euros.
Complex tax returns. The advisers understand by a complex declaration the one that already includes investments, sale of housing, deductions outside the habitual ones of housing, yields of rents…. To correctly account for these data takes time and is more complex. That is why the cost of this service can be over 100 euros and even 150 euros.

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Making the income tax return in the scheduled time is of vital importance, is that you must make the payment of the same, if you managed to make the process according to the calendar and you do not get close to Hacienda to report it, you can have a penalty of between 50% and up to 150% of what you must declare, if it is Hacienda who realizes your lack of declaration, but if you by your own mutism, you go and accept your mistake, I could that the agency is very generous, and the fine will not be so serious. That is why we advise you to be aware of the calendar for the declaration and do not make these mistakes that can be very detrimental to your business, especially if it is a business that you are just starting and you have all your hopes for your future and that of your family.
The advice is if you are going to hire an online tax return agency, verify that your tax return is in good hands, in the hands of professionals in the field. How to know if it is professional or not? Many of the non-professionals are advising not to validate the draft, a professional advisor knows that it is important to check and verify that all the data of the draft are in order. They also know that the use of the Renta Web page of the Tax Agency is obligatory for all the declarants, with the option of being able to rectify online any inconvenience that may occur.

Income tax return management

We will assign you one of our tax, labor and accounting advisors, who will offer you immediate solutions. In addition, he/she will have permanent access to your company’s data and will file your taxes, social insurances, employment contracts and all the necessary formalities for your company.
Our consultancy is at your entire disposal for any doubt or consultation. Call us and we will inform you about our economic rates so you can forget about all the paperwork and focus on your work.

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