Taurus mycook touch precio

Taurus mycook touch precio

Taurus mycook one

When we consider buying a food processor like the Taurus MyCook Touch, we ask ourselves an obvious question: is this food processor for me? We can’t give you the answer, as we all have very different needs. The kitchen is a wide world, and it is possible that what works for you, may not work for someone else.
Taurus promotes its MyCook Touch food processor under the slogan smart cooking, and no wonder. The efficient and intuitive collective options, together with the support provided by the general nutritional information and information about the dishes you are preparing, make cooking with this Taurus food processor easier and more satisfying than ever. You will cook more and, above all, better. And also, by the way, more efficiently and cleaner, thanks to the induction system that is another of the strengths of the Taurus MyCook Touch.
What you read: you will be able to connect your Taurus MyCook Touch food processor to your home Wi-Fi network. Taurus speaks of its machine as the first connected robot on the market, and no wonder. In terms of connectivity, there is no doubt that MyCook Touch is much more advanced than any of its competitors, including, by the way, the famous Thermomix.

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BRAND NEW UNOPENED FROM ITS PACKAGING. Taurus Mycook Touch Black Edition – Food processor with wifi, 1600W, 2L, up to 140º, multifunction, thousands of free and unlimited recipes, mycook app, connectivity with your smartphone, steamer, Black200 EUR
Taurus Mycook touch. the steel one the good one… it has hardly been used. it lacks is castle and the top cap that was lost during the move (25 euros worth everything on the Taurus website) urgently need to sell.500 EUR
For sale Mycook Touch food processor in perfect condition with all utensils. Very little use. Glass, steamer and stainless steel basket. Still under WARRANTY until May 2022. Sold with original box. Possibility of shipping.350 EUR
Kitchen robot just like the Thermomix, same functions. It is 4 months old and I have used it twice, it is new, with its box, papers and warranty included. I sell it because I do not really use it. It is very useful, it has thousands of recipes and all very rich.300 EUR
New product, unopened, it is a gift but I have the thermomix. Taurus Mycook Touch Black Edition is a special version of the Mycook Touch food processor – with all the essence of its functions and connectivity – in a limited edition420 EUR

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In addition, we show you the following image so you can check that the accuracy is accurate.Instructions and recipes mycookWe are sure that you will be so excited when you put the Taurus Mycook Touch at home that you will forget that you have to read the instructions. We are going to tell you 2 pieces of news regarding the instructions. The good news is that the instructions come in Spanish, are very easy to follow and are ordered to quickly find what we are looking for. The bad news is that they have 70 sheets. But don’t be discouraged. It is interesting to know that if after reading 70 sheets you have any specific doubt, it will be very easy and quick to solve it from the touch screen itself, since there is a set of videos if you need help with these common doubts.    But before this, really, read the instructions to get the most out of it
to get the most out of it and prevent incorrect use, as there are a series of warnings you should know: do not wash the blades, do not try to remove the lid or the steam accessory when the bowl is attached to the central unit, do not use the mixing paddle with speeds higher than 5, use the basket to avoid splashing, how to place the seals correctly, how to unlock the screen when it has been idle for 30 minutes, etc, etc. It is better to waste a few minutes and have everything clear. A food processor costs considerable money.

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This Taurus food processor has integrated Wi-Fi connection to interact with it from our mobile or tablet thanks to its app (with which you can send recipes to your robot and prepare the shopping list) in addition to a 7-inch touch screen.
It heats by induction and among other features includes 10 speeds, special functions such as sautéing, kneading or weighing and fulfills for you the following cooking techniques: grinds, pulverizes, grates, minces, crushes, chops, emulsifies, whips, steams and prepares broths. Its capacity, up to 2 liters, is designed to feed from 4 to 6 people.
We are talking about the Mycook Touch model, which has an official price of 1,199 euros. There is also a model identical in performance, but made of plastic (instead of stainless steel), which is the Black Edition. This limited edition has a lower price: 999 euros.
On Amazon we also found the Taurus Mycook Touch Robot on offer, for 799 euros. The Black Edition is priced at 599 euros and free shipping, whether you are a Prime customer or not. In addition, we have the possibility of paying it in installments.

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